Shehbaz asks clerics for key role in Pakistan’s stability

  • CM says not to make comparisons with the other religions is a golden rule that promotes tolerance 
  • Punjab CM says no one should try to put a price on Pakistan’s sacrifices in the war on terror 

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Sunday said current situation in Pakistan demanded mutual consensus for which religious scholars have to play a key role.

Addressing Mashaikh Convention held at the house of the chief minister, Shehbaz said that it was essential that monasteries display the message of tolerance, endurance, worship, social welfare justice, fair distribution of resources and patience.

“Pakistan is going through a delicate time and cannot afford any chaos,” he said, adding that disputes, bilateral divisions, and internal differences are harmful to the country’s prestige and integrity.

Commenting on the importance of Kahtm-e-Nabuwwat clause in the religion, he said faith in the finality of prophethood was a part and parcel of Muslim’s social identity. “Unyielding belief in the finality of prophethood is an inevitable part of our faith and the basic component of the faith of Pakistani Muslims, he added.

He said it was necessary to follow the true message of Islam with faith in the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as the last prophet.

The CM said that the life and love of Prophet Mohammad is a lightning tower for us and has the eternal message. “The scholars of the Quran and Hadith are well aware of these teachings and they have to do their role in promoting the eternal and authentic message for the welfare of Islam,” he said.

To remain firm and not make comparisons with the other religions is a golden rule that promotes tolerance and peace in the society, the chief minister said, as he discouraged unnecessary intersections against people belonging to different faiths.

He said that spreading turmoil either intentionally or unintentionally is akin to serving the purpose of terrorists and enemies.

Criticising the once-prevalent politics in the country, CM Shehbaz said that the sit-ins that started from 2012 have damaged national economy pretty much; therefore, I request you all to refrain from it and stay united.

He further supported his statement by enquiring if sit-ins can strengthen economy or eradicate poverty or provide justice to everyone?

In addition to that, he said Pakistan can be made an ideal state following in the footsteps of Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Mohammad Iqbal.

Everyone, including politicians, judges, journalists, officers, doctors, engineers, have to perform their national duty in this regard.

Commenting on the recent US President Donald Trump’s tirade against Pakistan, he said that it was unfortunate of Trump to use such words about Pakistan because the Pakistani nation has made great sacrifices in the fight against terrorism, which must be acknowledged by the whole world, particularly the US.

He said that the Pakistani nation did not make sacrifices for dollars but for the peace of the whole world. No one should try to put the price of our sacrifices in dollars.

Meanwhile, addressing the convention, Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said: “Faith in Khatam-e-Nabuwat is a part of my faith and I sincerely believe that the non-believers must be expelled from Islam.”

Punjab Auqaf Minister Zaem Hussain Qadri addressed the convention, saying that the Sufi saints and spiritual leader played a key role in the Pakistan Movement and supported Jinnah’s idea of Pakistan.

“As you have played a role in establishing Pakistan, in the same manner, your role for its completion is inevitable and we will keep seeking guidance from you,” he shared his party’s resolve with religious leaders.

Mashaikh Azam, while addressing the convention, said that love of Pakistan’s soil is included in their [clerics] faith and they will always be on the frontlines for the country’s integrity and security. He said that Pakistan is ours and we will not hesitate to render any sacrifice for our land.

Punjab ministers Rana Sanaullah Khan, Zameem Hussein Qadri, Minister for Religious Affairs and Sajjada Nasheen Bheera Sharif Mohammad Amin ul Hasnaat Shah, high officials of Punjab government, Pir Ejaz Ahmad Hashmi, Nazim Jamaat-Ahle- Sunnat Pakistan, Sajjada Nasheen Kalus Sharif, Pir Shamim Ahmed Sabir Sabri, Dewan Mood Masood, Ghulam Maineuddin Ghareeja, Syed Riaz Hussain Shah and other Gaddi Nasheen participated in the convention.


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