Man ‘honour-killed’ in Thar


A man was allegedly killed in the name of ‘honour’ the other day by his uncle, who suspected him of having an illicit relationship with his daughter, the police said.

Manesh Kumar Meghwar, a 28-year-old worker at the Thar coalfield, was shot dead by his uncle, Pono Meghwar, and his son, Chandar, while driving home in Thar’s Islamkot town, Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Amir Saud Magsi said.

Islamkot police conducted raids and arrested both the suspects. Pono Meghwar confessed to the crime, saying that he had suspected his nephew of having illicit relations with his daughter, SSP Magsi said, adding that the murder appeared to be an act of honour-killing.

The SSP ordered an investigation into the murder and said that a first information report would be filed following an initial probe.