Imran Khan ties the knot again?


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan has supposedly secretly tied the knot with a woman he used to visit for spiritual guidance, according to media reports.

The PTI chairman welcomed 2018 by marrying Bushra Maneka—daughter-in-law of Ghulam Muhammad Maneka—on the night of January 1 in Lahore, and came straight from there the next day to appear before the anti-terrorism court (ATC) in Islamabad that granted him bail.

According to a private news channel, Maneka’s family sources have confirmed the news of the wedding.

Mufti Saeed, a member of PTI core committee, read the nikkah of the couple. It’s pertinent to mention here that Saeed was also the nikkah khawan when Imran publicly entered into marriage with Reham Khan on January 8, 2015.

While Awn Chaudhry and Naeem-ul-Haq have denied the reports of this marriage, the mufti was reluctant to either confirm or refute this story.

Awn, the political secretary of the PTI chief, is believed to have attended the ceremony—something he outrightly denied, and also dismissed the notion that the nikkah took place. Awn was also a witness in PTI chief’s previous marriage to Reham Khan.

Similarly, spokesman for the party head, Naeem-ul-Haq also dismissed this, adding that if Khan was to marry, he would do so after the general elections.

Shireen Mazaari was also very vocal against the news of Khan’s marriage and posted a couple of tweets regarding the matter.

However, Mufti Saeed was hesitant to issue any denial. When he was first approached on Thursday night, Saeed remarked, “I will not say anything on this matter. Please accept my apology,” he said, repeating the same line he did when approached after Imran’s marriage with Reham.

Imran supposedly developed a relationship with Bushra when he went to her for spiritual guidance a couple of years ago. This would be the third marriage of Imran Khan; he first married Jemima Khan on May 16, 1995, a marriage that lasted nine years. His second marriage was with Reham Khan, a TV anchor, which lasted only 10 months.


On the other hand, Bushra’s son, Mohammad Moosa Maneka, denied the reports of Imran’s marriage with his mother.

While speaking to Geo News, Mohammad Moosa said he has spoken to his mother, who has also denied solemnising marriage with PTI chief.

Moosa, however, disclosed his parents were recently separated.

It is crucial to note that Khawar Fareed is the former husband of Bushra Bibi and father of Moosa.





  1. Ghulam mustafa – January 6, 2018 said:
    Imran Khan ties the knot is his personal issues, we should not interfere in it.

  2. If he done 3rd one then what is the problem? There are no other issues in this country?
    Our media is also gone viral on any true or false news.

  3. Imran Khan smile like as is there in the above right side snap is not the usual one, something coming from the core of his heart and that happens only when there is some extra ordinary happy news come into his mind..
    m.aslam ch

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