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Foreign Secretary wants working ties with IBA

KARACHI: Pakistan Foreign Secretary, Ms Tehmina Janjua, on Saturday expressed her desire to develop a working relationship between Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Institute of Business Administration (IBA) in four areas involving methodology of developing case studies, developing result based management system for the Foreign Office, innovation and promoting Pakistan as a brand.

The IBA Karachi hosted a distinguished lecture on Pakistan’s Foreign Policy issues, delivered by the foreign secretary at the JS Auditorium, IBA City Campus.

The event was attended by foreign delegates, prominent personalities from the corporate world, the IBA graduates, faculty and students. The IBA Dean & Director, Dr Farrukh Iqbal, welcomed the audience and highlighted that the IBA is more than just a business school. For the past 20 years, the IBA has a strong computer science department and recently the IBA has diversified through establishing departments of social sciences and journalism, Dr Farrukh said.

Janjua started her presentation by highlighting the objectives of Pakistan’s foreign policy, which involves pursuing mutually beneficial relations with other countries, safeguarding national security and geo-strategic vital interests and strengthening Pakistan’s economic potential investment.

She elaborated that Pakistan’s foreign policy objectives are achieved through regular monitoring of changing the geopolitical environment and providing recommendations to the leadership for necessary adjustments. The foreign secretary mentioned that despite the recent hostile and antagonistic statements by the US leadership, Pakistan believes in engagement with the United States.

She asserted that Haqqani network is not working inside Pakistan. However, on the contrary, the enemies of Pakistan are gaining a foothold in Afghanistan. Ms Janjua said that Pakistan is ensuring an honourable return of Afghan refugees and is working on their rehabilitation.

The foreign secretary informed the audience that Pakistan also needs to engage and build relationships with other countries than the US, and has a flourishing relationship with Russia.

Pakistan’s focus lies in strengthening of exchanges with Iran in the field of trade, commerce and border management and maintaining our principled position for a comprehensive dialogue with India without any preconditions.

The presentation was followed by a question and answer session. A shield was presented as a token of thanks by Dr Farrukh Iqbal and IBA Assistant Dean, Dr Huma Baqai.

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  1. Sameer said:

    It seems Pakistan’s once efficient IBA will now be used to forward personal agendas just like LUMS is hostage to. Unfortunate to see the brainwashing commencing already. It is better to let the students make their own mind then to force a certain perspective of critical thinking and name it freedom of speech.

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