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Army continues operations against Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Idleb

HAMA: Army units continued military operations against Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization in Idleb countryside to eradicate terrorism and restore security to the villages of Abu Dali area in the southeastern countryside of the province.

Field commanders told SANA on Friday that the army adopted a multi-point attack policy from various axes to launch a surprise attack against the terrorist organizations and disperse their defence capabilities.

SANA reporter in the area quoted the field commanders as saying that the army units and the allied forces developed their fieldwork style through setting tight ambushes to the terrorist groups which are active in the fighting lines which begin from al-Tamanaa town in the southern countryside of Idleb to al-Shakousiyeh in the eastern countryside of Hama province.

The army units, backed by the army air force, concentrated on targeting the terrorists’ capabilities and logistic supply routes in order to isolate the terrorists, disperse them and not allowing them to infiltrate into the fight lines, in addition to destroying their vehicles, command centres and hideouts, mainly in Tal Maraq, Tal Mardikh and  Saraqeb, according to a field commander.

The field reports affirmed that heavy losses were inflicted upon the terrorists as more than 150 terrorists were killed, among them military commanders at Ahrar al-Sham terrorist organization, in addition to destroying more than 10 vehicles, some equipped with heavy machineguns and seizing mortar cannons, ammunition and dismantling dozens of explosive devices on the entrances and roads of the liberated villages and towns.

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