Pakistani jihadists rally across Pakistani streets protesting against US claims of their presence in Pakistan


ISLAMABAD/LAHORE/KARACHI/QUETTA/PESHAWAR – Jihadist protests broke out in different parts of the country following US President Donald Trump’s tweet in which he threatened to cut aid over what he claimed was Pakistan providing ‘safe haven to terrorists’ in the ongoing war against terrorism.

Protesting against the American president’s claims thousands of jihadists, many of whom had been personally involved in multiple inter and intra national attacks, took to the streets to defy Washington and shun Trump’s claims.

“No Pakistan does not harbor terrorists and allow them to roam freely,” said jihadists affiliated with a terrorist group that is banned even in Pakistan, while roaming freely across the streets of Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Quetta and Peshawar.

Shortly after Trump’s tweet that came on the first day of the new year, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif responded on Twitter that soon they will let the world know the truth and the “difference between facts & fiction.”

“Look at the sheer number of people that you have outraged,” Asif said in a statement directed at Trump, while pointing at the jihadist protests across Pakistan.

“These protests are the strongest denunciation of US claims.”

According to latest reports, the security policy finalised in response to Trump’s threats include giving election tickets to these jihadists to further help deny US allegations.


  1. This proves Trump’s claim right. How long will pakistan be supporting, training, funding and exporting violence to the world especially Afghanistan? These militants roam freely across Peshawar, Quetta where they openly invite people to join the so-called jihad in Afghanistan. It must pay a price for this dual policy

    • Pakistani establishment should have mercy on its own Pakhtoons if not on Muslims of other countries. These are the very terrorists who kill people inside Pakistan as well

      • If Pakistan didn’t get involved in America’s dirty wars in the region and assist the terrorist state of America than Pakistan wouldn’t have a huge problem of Jihaadists or whatever you want to call them. America’s wars in the region are a breeding ground for fighting groups resisting foreign invasion and occupation. Pakistan needs to break away from America and become independent, but our puppet rulers are useless and serve their masters in the White House.

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