It is Pakistan that actually gave 33 billion dollars to US, Kulbhushan Jadhav reveals in latest video


ISLAMABAD – Convicted Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav on Friday rejected Washington’s propaganda against Islamabad, revealing that it is actually Pakistan that gave the US $33 billion in aid and funding in its war on terror.

In a video released by Foreign Office, the Indian spy thanked Pakistan for its hospitality and said that the US owes a ‘couple of billion dollars’ to his mother and wife as well.

He also said a US diplomat stole money from his mother’s purse. In the video Jadhav further said that he expects to see fear in the eyes of US President Donald Trump now that ‘uncontestable evidence has been provided of American duplicity’.

“I might be a commissioned officer of the Indian Navy and an operative of RAW, but I have also been working for the CIA,” Jadhav says in the video.

“I was appointed by the CIA to beg Pakistan for $33 billion so that our (American) war on terror can be successful, which of course could not be won without Pakistani financial and military aid to the US.”

Jadhav’s latest video confirms that it is actually Pakistan that is a global superpower that won the Cold War. Accordingly, reports suggest that Pakistan would soon be given the leadership of NATO, IMF and World Bank.


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