US frustrated at Pakistan’s behaviour of ‘supporting’ terror groups, says Trump adviser


WASHINGTON: US National Security Adviser HR McMaster has said that US President Donald Trump is frustrated at Pakistan’s behaviour as it continues to provide support for terror groups, it goes after terrorist insurgent groups, “really, very selectively, and uses others as an arm of their foreign policy”.

He was referring to Trump’s tweet in which he accused Pakistan of “deceit and lies”.
The US president stated, “The US has foolishly given Pakistan more than $33 billion in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies and deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools. They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more!”

In an interview with Voice of America, he said, “Well, I think the tweet speaks for itself. I mean, the president’s frustrated, and he values what we hope would be a partnership with Pakistan. But he’s frustrated at Pakistan’s behaviour in that it continues to provide support for these groups, it goes after terrorist insurgent groups, really, very selectively, and uses others as an arm of their foreign policy.”

“The president has great sympathy for the Pakistani people and in particular, how much they’ve suffered at the hands of terrorists who have victimised so many Pakistanis with mass murders, with that horrible mass murder in a school a few years ago. I mean, so, he empathises with the Pakistani people, and he wants to see the Pakistani government go after these groups less selectively.”

“This is not a blame game, as some would say. This is really our effort to communicate clearly to Pakistan that our relationship can no longer bear the weight of contradictions, and that we have to really begin now to work together to stabilise Afghanistan. And in a way, that would be a huge benefit to Pakistan, as well.”

“What’s frustrating at times is we see Pakistan operating against the interests of its own people by going after these groups only selectively, by providing safe havens and support bases for Taliban and Haqqani network leadership that operate out of Pakistan as they perpetuate hell in portions of Pakistan and in Afghanistan.”

Speaking about if any other country will give aid to Pakistan to compensate for the cuts made by the US, he said, “Well, I don’t think … who’s going to step in now, I think, and want Pakistan to continue its support for terrorist groups like the Haqqani network, for groups like the Taliban? I mean, certainly it’s not in China’s interest. China has a terrorist problem on its southern border, a terrorist problem that does have connections back into Pakistan.”

“It’s not going to be any other country in the region, certainly, who will want Pakistan to continue this, really, pattern of behaviour that we’ve seen, where it goes after these groups only selectively, while it sustains and supports others who act as an arm of its foreign policy. So, I think we’re confident that … I mean, Pakistan doesn’t want to become a pariah state. Pakistan is a country with tremendous potential — human potential, economic potential. So, what we really would like to see is Pakistan act in its own interest and to stop going after these groups only selectively, and to stop providing safe havens and support bases and other forms of support for leadership.”

Responding to another question, he said, “Well, I think it would just be unwise for any Pakistani leader — I can’t imagine a Pakistani leader using nuclear weapons to extort or for blackmail. That’s the day when Pakistan …

Well, I mean, does Pakistan want to become North Korea? Doesn’t look too appealing a model to me. So, I think Pakistan could be on a path to increase security and prosperity, or it could be on a path to replicating North Korea. I think that’s an easy choice for Pakistani leaders.”


  1. You sir HR McMaster are you dum.? 99% of population of Pakistan thinks American have lost the war Afghanistan, now they don’t know who to blame,sir we lost 70,000 innocent lives by sporting you, and billions of Dollers to the economy and you are crying about 35 billion aid you have given to Pakistan, we have helped you fight to Cold War, now you telling don’t be come North Korea? You have lost 40,000 soldiers in 1950’s during Korean War, now North Korea is an atomic power, so don’t go there, don’t even think of attacking Pakistan we also atomic power. If you can not fight hand full of Haqani fighter you should pock your nose in toilet and commit suicide.

    • Typiical response. Pakistanis love playing the victim or martyre role and blame the Americans for it be it war or peace.This has been Pakistan’s destiny since birth. We blamed US in 1965 war wwith India. We bought the gulliable strory of the pakistani army that we were winning the war until US stopped supplying us the arms. We lost in 1971 because US did not come to our aid. We helped US in the cold war and are now being punished. The writer quotes a gigure of 70000 deaths.He does not take into consideration the collateral damage to the familes of the fallen.One does not lay down lives for the cause of the others.Pakistan became a willing partner without doing consequent analysis of it’s own actions.
      We boast of being a nuclear power—so what. It is purely a scienticfic success. Thanks to our imported Dr.Khan.
      Pakistan has payed back to US with blood, flesh, tears and wear ant tear of our country. Was it worth it? No. Does US care—- i doubt it. Now Pakistan is eyeing sellling itself to KSA in the name of Ummah .Beware.Once bitten twice shy. Let us not be mercenaries. Let us put Pakistans interests first.No more coffins.Enough is enough.

  2. What US is trying to do is turn the people against their own government & trying to harm the relationship between Pakistan & China. The ETIM is based in Afghanistan not Pakistan. Better deport all Afghan refugees & take down the TTP in Afghanistan unilaterally

  3. Why don’t we accept that Pakistan is a rentier state. We live in denial all the time.First we had a uncle Sam now we have an Uncle Saud but the demands from both are the same.Do our bidding or else! The elder takes to the twitter while the younger one sends a jet.Foreign policy is an extension of domestic policy and since the latter is extremely weak how can the former work .?

  4. The end is near for USA support for Pakistan…your double dealing is unacceptable and your refusal to stop Haqqani network attacking Afghanistan will cost you all USA support…get ready to lose any help from the USA…

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