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‘UAE royals’ allegedly hunt down rare antelope near Nagarparkar

THARPARKAR: A rare antelope was shot dead by a hunting team in the Cheh Bet Ramsar area near Nagarparkar on Thursday.

According to the eyewitnesses and district authorities, the hunting team allegedly comprising royals from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) chased the animal in a vehicle, shot it dead, and took the carcass with them.

While the hunting of rare animals including antelope by Middle Eastern royals has sparked anger in the area, district and session judge Thar, Jamshed Awan has summoned a detailed report from the local officials of the Wildlife Department regarding the bivouac of the royal guests.

The hunters allegedly arrived in Thar under the leadership of Sheikh Muhammad Khalifa bin Maktoum, a few days ago.

While the local Wildlife Department officials claim to have sent a team to the remote site to determine the facts regarding the incident, the officials failing to submit a report to the judge has prevented an action against the hunters.

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