Children Literature Festival 2018 from January 12


LAHORE: Walled City Lahore Authority (WCLA) Director General Kamran Lashari and Ms Baela Jamil have announced a three-day Children Literature Festival (CLF) which will start on January 12.

Addressing a joint press conference here on Thursday in the Shahi Hammam, they said that Lahore was a city steeped in heritage and culture and they want to highlight the historical aspects during the CLF.

They said that they were extremely proud of this collaborative effort with the WCLA and are confident that this year’s event would help multiply children’s love for stories, storytelling, creativity, and reading.

Kamran Lashari said that it had been a great pleasure to collaborate with the CLF team to help create this amazing event for all Lahori’s. “We are confident that it will provide a source of entertainment and education for all”, he added.

He hoped to continue this collaboration well into the future. “This year’s festival is structured around the theme of celebrating peace”, he said and added that heritage and 70 Years of Pakistan’s history will be highlight through this festival.

Prominent writers, poets, artists, educationists, and singers and musicians from across the country will share their expertise in the event.