Dastagir says NSC reviews US statements


ISLAMABAD: Minister for Defence Khurram Dastagir, following a meeting of the National Security Committee (NSC) on Tuesday, said that the committee has been reviewing negative statements by US officials, including President Donald Trump, for the past few months.

In an interview with the BBC Urdu, he said that the NSC meeting observed that better results can be yielded if all the stakeholders cooperate and jointly struggle for peace in Afghanistan and fight against terror, instead of achieving objectives through negative statements.

He said that sstraight forward talks would be held with the US, yet in a courteous manner. “If President Trump only understands the ‘language of dollars’, then we not only invested our own resources in the war on terror, but did not demand anything in return for it, for we are serious in eradicating terrorism,” Dastagir said.

Asked if Pakistan would demand an apology from the US over the statements, he said that President Trump was elected leader of the United States and so “we take his tweets seriously, however, the matter has not yet gone that far.”