Pirs of today’s world — fake or real? Part-1

  • Religion, black magic and solutions

On the way to my workplace, today I noticed the walls of my city. Was it new to me or I have just discerned it for the first time? All the walls were chalked with unethical advertisements attracting needy herd towards themselves, the content was so familiar that it seems to be a common practice. Have you ever seen those calls? Yes, you got it!

Aamil Rustam Bengali, Bangali Baba Kala Amal k maahir, Rishton men bandish Ka tor and above all “Aashiq aap k qadmon men”

It reminded me of my childhood when I heard that a fake pir was caught while robbing a home or something like a fake pir ran away with a married woman or dabba pir killed three innocent girls.

But the questions which arise over here are: Is this all still present in our society? Who does this? What do they want? Are they our well-wishers?

To quench this thirst of knowledge about them, continue reading, I assure you that after reading this piece you will be able to answer these questions by your own self!

“Pir” is a Persian word which means an old saint, the word “murshid” which is an Arabic word is also used for saint, teacher or especially spiritual guide

Who are “pirs or murshid”?

“Pir” is a Persian word which means an old saint, the word “murshid” which is an Arabic word is also used for saint, teacher or especially spiritual guide. In Islamic history, we find numerous people who worshiped Allah in a way that they pleased Him and made a special place in religion, they sacrificed their entire lives for their Lord and they were blessed in return with such powers which differentiated them from ordinary people.

Are all the pirs fake??

Islamic history has witnessed several pirs who have been helping people with their extraordinary powers which are blessing on them from their Lord. But these Wali Allah are not allowed to disclose their powers, superiority over a common man, they live a simple life like any other human and politely help the people who are in treat problems.

Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi, Nizam Uddin Aulia, Ahmed Shah Abdaali, Sheikh Abdul QadirJilaani, Qutub Uddin Aulia, Data Ganj Bakhsh (etc.) are the names of just a few of the saints who lived an honest life and helped people without getting a single penny in return. They never preached anything which was contrary to Islam. They never asked anyone to harm a life; they solved the problems with love and care. They felt the pain of their disciples; they always asked Allah for the help in every situation.

Today also there are such people but they keep themselves hidden, they do not disclose their rank among common mankind.

Who are “Aamils”?

Word “Aamil” is derived from an Arabic word “Amal”. Amal means “practice” or “act”. Word Aamil, in our society, is specifically used for someone who practices magic. Keep in mind that magic is totally different from tricks. In the Holy Quran Allah says:

“It was not Solomon who disbelieved, but the devils disbelieved, teaching people magic and that was revealed to the two angels, Haroot and Margot, they do not teach magic to anyone unless they say, we are a trial, so do not disbelieve by practicing magic” Al Quran.

What is Aastaana?

Aastaana refers to a place where peace is found, these Aamils make Aastaanas for their living, they decorate it with human and animal skeletons, and they add different details such as dark lights, black curtains, peacock’s feather, broomstick, firehouse, mirrors to create a feeling of a magical place. They keep their stuff and books hidden so that every person who goes over there is not able to see their private material. This also helps them to escape the sudden raid of authorities.

But today’s practice is contrary to this, we find people calling themselves “pir baba” “Aamil”, etc, and they claim that they have powers which can solve all the problems no matter they are small or mighty.

As we know that actions speak louder than words we can relate this quite easily because often when these so-called pir murshids claim to resolve the issues of innocent people they ask them to practice such things which are highly unethical and, many times, criminal.

Some of these acts are to go to the graveyard and eat grave’s mud or to dig the grave and bring human skeleton or to bury something deep down in the wells, grave or some dirty place and sometimes worst among all that is to bring human blood.

Sometimes the victim is innocent and sometimes they trap those who are trying to harm someone. They do this work against a handsome amount of money or some other material needs. Now, is this only done for the sake of money or there is another hidden purpose as well?

Money or a hidden purpose?

The world witnessed greedy people in all the ages; some have the greed of money whereas some are in greed of power. What sort of power is it?

History reveals that from the day this world was made, there were two powers which competed each other; one is spirituality which guides towards virtue and its rewards; on the other hand, there is a devilish power which offers all the worldly benefits by hook or by crook!

These people worship Allah and ask for visions, they ask for His friendship, they travel for the sake of finding Him, they go through His hard examinations and are blessed with a rank according to their acts and practices.


To be continued…..