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‘Pakistani Americans should contribute in US politics’

DALLAS: The senior most member of Congress from Texas, Eddie Bernice Johnson, addressing the annual meeting of the Pakistani American Business Forum in Dallas appreciated the Pakistani community living in the United States (US) and said that the community of Pakistani businessmen and immigrants has played a big role in making America.

“Pakistani Americans need to come forward and play their role in politics and make a difference in elections. This will help them in getting their voice heard and their issues resolved,” said the congresswoman, and added that “We have democracy in the country and everyone has a right to expression. However, it is important that the leadership promotes political awareness and uses the power of the vote to make the democracy work and improve.”

Johnson said that she was prompted to join the Pakistani Caucus because of her good relationships with the Pakistani Americans.

The congresswoman is known for sponsoring a Ramadan Bill in Congress several years ago.

She said that she is thankful to immigrants that they came to the US after leaving their ancestral homes and are building American economy and have introduced several cultures in US.

Pakistani American Business Forum President Waqar Khan talking to the gathering said that the forum is focused on introducing business products of Pakistan into US and promoting American business products in Pakistan.

Forum’s Chairman Hafeez Khan said that this group is a bridge for Pakistani American business interests.

Plano Mayor Harry, American Muslim Democratic Caucus Co-Chairman Syed Fayyaz Hassan, Anwar Azim, Riaz Hussain, Nadeem, Nazia Khan and others also addressed the gathering.

Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America (APPNA)’s ex-President Dr. Dawood Nasir said that he proposes to APPNA members to be a part of this group.

Several business leaders and prominent community activists were also in attendance. The event ended with a lavish dinner.

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