Over 562 people lost lives in Karachi in 2017: Police Report | Pakistan Today

Over 562 people lost lives in Karachi in 2017: Police Report

KARACHI: More than 562 people lost their lives in different incidents, including targeted killings and blasts, in the metropolis during 2,017, stated a report issued by Karachi police.

According to the report, 22 incidents of targeted killings and 12 of kidnappings were reported in the city this year with 116 complaints of extortion registered at different police stations.

57 terror suspects were killed in police action, whereas 243 criminals involved in other heinous offences, including robbery, were shot dead, it said.

The report said 1,761 culprits, 298 militants and 1,189 robbers among them, were rounded up this year. 58 suspects involved in kidnappings for ransom and 12 other kidnappers were also among those arrested.

As many as 6386 weapons were seized during search operations throughout the city, while 1394 complaints of snatching and theft of cars surfaced with 25,470 bikes stolen and snatched this year.

Despite Karachi police have stepped up action against street criminals, street crime didn’t show any downward trend this year as 16,232 complaints of different street crime were registered.

Earlier, the Citizens Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) had complied figures of street crime, which showed that the incidents of theft and snatching of mobiles and motorbikes increased in the current year, questioning the effectiveness of security forces’ operations and crackdowns to rein in street crime.

The data showed 21,700 motorcycles and 15,599 mobile phones were stolen in the metropolis, whereas 1,853 motorbikes and 11,620 mobile phones were snatched.

58 citizens registered complaints of extortion while 347 incidents of killing occurred in the city. Eight bank robberies also took place this year. Around 1,294 citizens were deprived of their cars.

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