Lack of accommodation in educational institutes, students forced to live in private hostels


ISLAMABAD: The students of different educational institutions in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are facing a host of problems in getting a reasonable accommodation due to the shortage of hostels.

The students living in private hostels do not only have to pay a hefty amount of rent but also have to face many problems including lack of security, quality meal, pure water etc.

Many young people who come to the twin cities from various parts of the country with an aim to study at best educational institutions are forced to live in expensive private hostels because of a lack of accommodation on campus.

According to an official of Islamic International University Islamabad (IIUI), they cannot accommodate all the enrolled students in hostels as they are facing a shortage of hostel accommodation. However, they said that that the university is planning to construct more hostels for the students in the future.

The Federal Urdu University does not have any living arrangements for their students. Meanwhile, many other federally chartered institutions also do not have living arrangements for their students

The students are demanding sufficient accommodation facilities in the educational institutions to address their problems. They stressed that the educational institutions should provide boarding, lodging and other facilities to their students.