Chinese residents’ claim of robbery seems suspicious: police


ISLAMABAD: The robbery incident in a Chinese residence took a new turn due to the contradictory statements by the residents.

The Islamabad police see it as a well-orchestrated move by the residents to hide their wrongdoings.

The police claimed that the robbery incident in which one person sustained severe injuries raised many eyebrows, because of non-cooperation and constant changes in statements by the Chinese residents.

Rescue 15 received a call on Friday evening from an unknown person claiming that some unidentified people have entered into the Chinese residence.

However, police claimed that neither the Chinese formally approached the police station nor did they register a complaint.

“They have different stances; some said that three men with open faces entered the house and tried to make a hostage-like situation, and took 6.5 lack rupees that they had withdrawn from the bank one week ago. How is this possible that they were carrying such a big amount in their pockets for one week?” said Station House Officer (SHO), Irshad Ali Abro.

Neighbors interviewed by the police said that they did not witness any such incident on Friday evening. “There was nothing unusual or any hue and cry in the locality.”

Chinese nationals claimed that they were robbed by three dacoits, one was tall and other two were small in height. Police said that their reluctance in registering a formal complaint despite the passage of 26 hours has made the whole incident suspicious.

“It cannot be ruled out that it might have been a planned ‘pretended’ robbery,” said police sources.

“Around 6 pm, some three dacoits entered the residence of Chinese nationals in G-10/4 Islamabad and took 6.5 lack rupees, and before they left, one dacoit opened fire on one Chinese lady leaving her severely injured,” the Chinese claimed.

They also claimed that the dacoits also took one mobile phone but they returned it before they left.

Sources said that the house 515, street 46, G-10/4, where the alleged robbery took place is home to 13 Chinese nationals including eight men, four women and one child, however, at the time of the incident, only five men and three women were inside.

The Chinese nationals have been residing in Islamabad for 11 years.

Soon after the incident, before police reached the point, the Chinese nationals took the injured lady to Ali Medical Hospital in sector F-8 for treatment. The lady was later shifted to PIMS hospital for further treatment.

The injured lady works as an accountant in a chemical company which deals with cement companies in Dhoke Paracha.

The police also claimed that according to the neighbours one Pakistani man also used to work in the house, but the Chinese residents have not disclosed his identity.

According to SHO Irshad, no one from Chinese side has registered their complaint as of yet.

However, police has started investigating the matter on its own and an investigating officer was assigned to get help from the safe city project.



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