Polo Season: Lahore Open 2017 final on Sunday


The final match of the Samba Bank Lahore Open Championship will take place on Sunday at the Lahore Polo Club between the Allied Bank and Black Horse paints teams.

The 8 goal tournament, which commenced on the 19th of December 2017, featured top national and international players from Argentina, Spain, UK and Italy.

None of the teams with international players, however, have managed to make it to the final. Experts have said that this is probably to do with better coordination between local players and their advantage of being on a home ground with locally trained horses.

The 2 week championship had a total of 9 teams participating in 2 pools, with 5 in Pool A and 4 in Pool B, with teams sponsored by Allied Bank, Army, Barry’s, Black Horse Paints, Diamond Paints, Green Orchids/Rijas, Guard Group, Habib Metro Lions/Master Paints and Newage.

Hernan Pieres, from Argentina/Spain, cousin to the top polo-playing family – Facundo & Gonzales Pieres, scored a super six for Barry’s to defeat Diamond Paints with 7-5 in an inaugural match to kick off the tournament.

Hissam Hyder, a key player who is still the highest handicapped Pakistani, scored 9 goals on day 2 of the tournament, to an 11-4 victory over the Guard Group, highlighting why he is considered the top player internationally. He played flawlessly and scored 4 goals subsequently in order to secure the scoreboard for Black Horse Paints.

The subsequent days saw some exceptional polo by both national and international players alike. Some tough matches ensued as well in the middle of the tournament, while Pool B continued to face tense matches to allow for the best team to make space for itself in the final.

The first team securing its place in the finals was Allied Bank, which won 4 of 4 matches, playing an exceptional tournament,  tackling a few tense matches to make their way to the final. Saqib Khan Khakwani, another key player of the Pakistan Polo Team, who also captained the national team in Chile in 2015 World Cup, seems to be the highest goal scorer of the tournament so far, scored 6 of 7 goals against Green Orchids/Rijas in their 4th match to take his team to the final.

The teams from Pool B faced a tough competition, where three teams tied for a spot in the finals. New Age, Army and Black Horse Paint.

The final is to take place on Sunday, the 31st of December 2017, at the LPC, in what is likely to turn out to be another tense match.


Emran Abbas, Mumtaz Abbas Niazi, Raja Arsalam Najeeb, Saqib Khan Khaqwani (Allied Bank).

Sufi Amir, Sufi Harris, Abu Bakr Siddiquie, Hissam Ali Haider (Black Horse paint).