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Lyari extortionists active once again

KARACHI: Extortionists have started to spread terror in Karachi’s area Lyari once again after a local trader received death threats.

As per reports, the businessman has been told to give extortion money worth millions of rupees, else his son would be murdered and business would be burnt. The family details of the target were also sent to him in the message. The extortionist also gave his contact number to the trader.

The latest threat has spread a wave of terror once again which the law enforcement agencies (LEA’s) had earlier broken. The LEA’s had broken the backbone of extortionists and gang war criminals in Lyari who were behind killings of innocent people to extract money.

Meanwhile Karachi police on Friday killed the wanted Lyari gangster Umar Kachi in a shootout. The slain dacoit was also a key commander of the notorious Uzair Baloch group.

According to the police sources, upon receiving secret information, police raided Juna Market’s Phool Batti Lane near Karachi’s Kharadar area on early Friday. Anticipating imminent danger, Umar and his henchmen opened fire on police, only to be killed in retaliatory fire. Umar was considered a symbol of fear in and around Lyari. He held the position of commander in Lyari gang war’s infamous Uzair Baloch group.

Police say that Umar Kachi was wanted in 40 different cases including terrorism, murder, extortion and ransom kidnapping. These cases were registered in four different police stations. The gangster was also involved in myriad of firing incidents with the police. Police also recovered firearms from the slain gangster’s possession.

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