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Two girls allegedly kidnapped from Darul Aman

In a shocking development, two girls have been allegedly kidnapped from Darul Aman (government-run shelters for women and less privileged) in Rajanpur district of Punjab on Wednesday evening, police said.

According to Darul Aman head Saba Zahra’s statement to police, unidentified kidnappers reportedly entered the facility by scaling the rear wall and kidnapped the two girls.

A security guard and a peon working at Darul Aman were sleeping at the time of the incident, the statement further said. Police have registered a case and was investigating the matter further.

Rajanpur Deputy Commissioner Ashfaq Ahmed took strict notice of the kidnapping incident at Darul Aman and formed an inquiry committee to find the culprits at the earliest.

One kidnapped girl, who belonged to Muzaffargarh, was admitted to the Darul Aman on December 20, whereas the second girl, hailing from Kot Mithan, was admitted at the facility on December 23.

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  1. Naim Khan said:

    When there is no rule of law in the country and we have a corrupt government this is what happens, women are kidnapped, raped, killed, people of Pakistan don’t know how to choose a leader.

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