Twitterati up in arms over Musharraf’s sexist remarks


Former president Pervez Musharraf on Thursday, in response to Bilawal’s chants of Musharraf qatil” (Musharraf murderer) during Benazir’s death commemoration at Gari Khuda Bux on December 27, stated, “I would like to say to Bilawal, who is raising these slogans like a woman, that he should first become a man.”

In a video message that was shared by the former army chief, which has raised quite a havoc on the social media, he urged the Bhutto scion to act like a man and stop being a woman.

The comments did not go down well with the online Twitter community and many users criticised the former president for the derogatory usage of the word” women” and implying that the female gender had weaker status than their male counterparts.

One Twitter user BanoBee slammed Pervez Musharraf for his remarks and stated,”Before calling Bilawal a woman as an insult, Musharraf should not forget it was Bilawal’s mother he was threatened by, a brave & bold woman in face of dictatorship. If you are man enough then come and face the case.”

Shahzeb Khanzada also called out Musharraf for using the word ‘woman’ as a means to humiliate his opponent. In his tweet, the talk show host stated,”Gender is not something to b proud of, nor it is something to b ashamed of. People like Musharaf who try to use it for their advantage and to ridicule others must b ashamed of their behaviour. Pakistan is thankful to great women like Fatima Jinnah, Benazir, Malala etc”.

Minerwa Tahir, another Twitter user thanked the anchorperson for criticising Pervez Musharraf on his talk show and bemoaned the misogyny present in the society. She stated,”Thank you for being the only journalist on national TV with the moral courage to challenge this casual sexism that prevails at all levels of society – from our homes to our workplaces as well as media”.

Omar Quraishi put out a tweet that stated,” If you want to insult someone in Pakistan, basically call him a woman or tell him that he acts like one, this is what Pervez Musharraf advised Bilawal Bhutto Zardari after the latter accused the former of being behind his mother’s assassination”.

Another Twitter user going by the name “Ordinary Pakistani” on the social media site stated,”Imagine, Musharraf insults someone by calling them a woman. What did he think of Benazir Bhutto, a woman, who challenged him”.

Nafisa Shah, a Twitter user advised Musharraf to get his act together before spewing misogynistic comments and stated,”Sexist retired Musharraf is an absconder from the law, accused of high treason and murder. He is the enemy of our armed forces, the civilians and the state as he put all of them in grave risk by his nefarious acts”.


  1. Aurat ki aukaat neech hai or neech rahey ghi. By facts and research women make up only 16% of inventors and have never invented anything which has lead to a major breakthrough, Men have continued to invent and innovate throughout time-line of this planet and that they are the main important gender. Women are detestable creatures and that’s how I’ll always see them, as neech.

  2. I am for equal rights for both genders, however, it is a well established fact that the female gender gossips more or longer than the male counterpart and this is what Musharraf may have had in mind when making this comment: “…don´t gossip, bring facts” Whatever, he himself knows best.

  3. Media is giving wrong turn to Musharraf’s statement. General simply urged Billo to act like a man. Was it not Musharraf who actually empowered women in Pakistan?

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