Shaheen Air flight to Lahore stops over in Karachi, passengers refuse to disembark


KARACHI: Passengers of Shaheen Air flight NL-712, travelling from Dammam to Lahore on Friday, have remained on board the aircraft for six hours, refusing to disembark in Karachi.

Talking to a private news channel, a passenger on the flight complained that the airline staff was not cooperating with those ‘stuck’ on the plane. Citing the passengers’ frustration, he said that the aircraft’s washroom was out of order as well.

Waseem said that the airline officials told the passengers to stay on board after they landed in Karachi. After three hours, the passengers were told they could rest in the airport lounge until the flight took off. The passengers — almost 150 in number, however, refused to disembark until they reached their destination.

He added that some of the passengers were travelling to Lahore to attend their parents’ funeral.

On being contacted, a spokesperson from Shaheen Air, Zohaib Hasan, stated that the plane had landed at Karachi airport owing to fog in Lahore and would take off as soon as weather conditions permit.

He, however, did not comment on the problems being faced by the passengers on board.