Hindu woman kidnapped in Tharparkar


THARPARKAR: According to police reports a 19-year-old Hindu woman has been kidnapped from her house in Sindh’s Kothara village.

A First Information Report (FIR) was filed by her husband, Roji Kolhi, on Friday, at the Nagarparkar police station. Kohli has accused two men, identified as Mohammad Ali Khoso and Ali Nawaz Khoso, of breaking into his house and kidnapping his wife at gunpoint on Thursday.

However, family members of one of the accused have alleged that the girl had secretly run away a few months ago with one of the accused in order to live with him, but was later returned to her family after elders from both sides intervened.

Afterwards, on December 4, she was married to Kolhi on the insistence of her family.

In the aftermath of the alleged kidnapping, the girl’s family has expressed concerns over her possible forceful conversion to Islam and marriage to one of the accused.

Members of the Kohli community staged a protest outside the Nagarparkar police station in large numbers to force the police to recover the girl.

The police have arrested some relatives of the accused, in order to pressurise the family to produce the girl.

Tharparkar Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Ameer Saud Magsi told said that he is supervising the incident himself and every possible step will be taken to find the girl as soon as possible.

Raids have been ordered in Thar, Umerkot and Mirpurkhas districts in order to arrest the accused and recover the girl.


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