Punjab takes top slot with most overcrowded prisons in country


LAHORE: Prisons all over the country are overcrowded, and a decrease in the number of criminals on death row and foreign convicts has been observed.

According to statistics, Punjab jails are the most overcrowded, with Sindh occupying the second slot, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) third and Baluchistan occupying the fourth slot respectively.

The number of inmates stands at an overwhelming 82,591 all over the country, with the jails having a total capacity to accommodate 55,828 prisoners.

Convicts on death row near five thousand and the number of foreign convicts stand at 1,117, which includes 11 females and 1,106 males.

A total of 4,993 prisoners have been awarded death sentence, which includes 40 females and 4,953 males. According to documents, Punjab has 4,193 death row convicts, Sindh has 524, KP has 204 and Baluchistan has 72 of these convicts.

52,920 prisoners are undergoing trials for different offences which include 969 females, 50,864 males and 34 juvenile prisoners. In February of the current year, death row convicts were over 5,500, which included 45 women.

Most numbers of foreign criminals are in Sindh jails, standing at 811, and two prisoners are in KP jails. Punjab has 255 foreign convicts whereas Baluchistan has 49, which also includes 11 females.

In February this year, the number of foreign convicts stood at 1,659 which included 67 females, registering a decrease in the number of foreign convicts in the country.