China calls for connection between Pakistan’s Gwadar and Iran’s Chabahar


TEHRAN: Iran says it has received a request from China to establish a connection between Pakistan’s Gwadar port – which Chinese companies are developing – and Iran’s southeastern port of Chabahar.

Abdolrahim Kordi, the Managing Director of Chabahar Free Trade Zone, was quoted by Iran’s media as saying that China had informed Iran that it was interested in using Chabahr to transit goods from Gwadar to regional and extra-regional destination points.

Kordi emphasised that there was no competition between Iran’s Chabahar and Pakistan’s Gawadar, stressing that the two could complement each other in terms of market access potentials.

Nevertheless, the official emphasised that the advantages of Chabahar were better than Gwadar in terms of road and rail connection facilities to key transportation points in regions as far as Central Asia and Europe.

Iran started a project to develop Chabahar port in 2007 through an investment that officials previously said already amounted to $1 billion.

The annual cargo tonnage of the port has now almost tripled to reach as high as 8.5 million tonnes.

It can also accommodate 100,000-tonne ships – what officials say can help promote the country’s international trade activities.

The overall development project is planned in four phases and is expected to bring the port’s total annual cargo capacity to 82 million tonnes.

The development of Chabahr port is being carried out by India. The country has committed $500 million to Chabahar which lies on the Gulf of Oman, aiming to join an increasingly important transport corridor to the resource-rich regional countries.

Massive investment plans are already on the cards, with India’s Prime Minister Modi offering to build a sprawling artery of roads and railways, which is estimated to cost $15 billion.

When development is complete, Chabahar will link with the International North-South Transportation Corridor (INSTC) which currently stretches from the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas in the Persian Gulf to Russia, Eurasia and Europe.


    • No son India is the bypass. India has no land routes or direct maritime trade routes. Which is why India is begging Iran for Chahbahar. And Pakistan already has Gwadar. Now Chahbahar and Gwadar will link up and India is toast. And your dumb as a rock for thinking otherwise.

      • Chahbar is closer to Gulf than Gwadar. China already has rail links with Central Asia that will work more efficiently than through Pakistan. India knows this, and that’s why it’s helped Iran to build Chahbar port.

  1. Chabahar will never be economical for trade. Pmodi is a tea boy and his thinking is of a tea boy. He’s a terrorist, Hindu extremist and people who elected him are also Hindu extremists, who killed innocent people in train incident in Gujrat.

    • You keep wasting your lives babbling crap while Indians keep forging ahead to leave you in the dust. India’s economy has now passed Britain in nominal GDP, and will also pass France in a few months. Where are you? Keep going down into your debt trap.

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