Case registered against three panchayat members for gang rape


FAISALABAD: The Tandlianwala city police on Wednesday booked three panchayat members on the charges of gang raping a girl.

Two and a half months ago, the victim and her husband, Ghulam Fareed, married with their own free-will, despite disapproval by village elders and leaders.

The complainant, Ghulam Farid’s father, stated that he was summoned by the girl’s father through a panchayat, which comprised of two brothers and another man.

The jury ordered that the girl be temporarily handed over to the girl’s father and assured that the girl would be handed over to her husband in a ‘Rukhsati’ ceremony after two days.

The girl was handed over to the panchayat on November 7  in the presence of two village elders.

However, the two brothers who were a part of the panchayat took the girl to their house instead of sending her to her fathers’ house and repeatedly assaulted her from November 7 to December 12.

The girl later escaped from the place and contacted her husband.

The complainant has also alleged that the suspects have threatened to murder him and kidnap his other son, Anwar, with an intent to kill him if he got a case registered against them.

However, the matter was reported to the police and according to city police sources one suspect has been arrested and the police are on the lookout for the rest.