Punjab approves uplift schemes in its PDWP forum


LAHORE: The Punjab Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP) approved seven road sector development schemes with an estimated cost of Rs 3963.65 million.

These schemes were approved in the 40th meeting of PDWP for the current fiscal year 2017-18. The meeting was presided over by the P&D Chairman Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan.

P&D Secretary Iftikhar Ali Sahoo, concerned provincial secretaries, P&D Coordination-II Assistant Chief Hafiz Muhammad Iqbal, senior representatives of the relevant provincial departments and all members of the P&D board attended the meeting.

The approved development schemes include road widening/improvement from Bucha Chattah to Harchoki via Kot Fazla Wazirke Dhargaiwala Botala Jhanda Singh of length 31.50 km and Dhargiwala to Alipur Chattah Nokhar Road of length 10.65 Km at the cost of Rs 721.221 million, widening/improvement of single road from Noorpur Thal to Jhang Road via Daduwala of length 55.00 Km at the cost of Rs 595.737 million, the construction of a double road (Express Way) to connect the Sangla Hill interchange with Tibba Shah Behlol of length 11.90 Km at the cost of Rs 436.636 million, the extension and repair of the road from G.T Road to Bara Gharan via Khokha and Bodla Kotiyam including Puli Nullah Ghaan, Jehlum of length 19.82 Km at the cost of Rs 458.651 million, the construction of a dual carriageway road from Kingra to Sialkot of length 17.88 Km at the cost of Rs 607.278 million, the construction of a carpet road from Head Faqirian to Kot Momin/Moazzam Abad/Sargodha Road via Right Bank Canal Hujjan Distributory Chak No.16/SB, 15/SB, Tangowali of length 59.50 Km and a width of 12 feet at the cost of Rs 717.717 million and the construction of a road from Manjipur to Manga Pull of length 24.00 km at the cost of Rs 426.410 million.