Rabbani discusses regional situation with Turkish, Iranian speakers


ISLAMABAD: Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani on Sunday, held separate meetings with Speaker of Turkey Ismail Kahraman and Speaker of Iran Dr Ali Larijani on the sidelines of Speakers International Conference in Islamabad.

The chairman exchanged views on regional situation and matters of mutual interests aimed at enhancing bilateral cooperation.

While speaking on Pakistans commitment towards regional and global peace, he said,“We have rendered sacrifices in war against terror and more than seventy thousand persons including security forces, civilian, man and women have lost their lives”, and added, that the people of Pakistan, as a nation, have shown great resilience and the country is committed to rooting out terrorism.

Rabbani emphasized the need for improved regional cooperation and linkages to work for the betterment of the masses. The recent developments, he said, had brought Pakistan, Iran and Turkey closer.

The visiting dignitaries appreciated Raza Rabbani’s remarks and acknowledged Pakistan’s efforts for regional stability and global peace.

The senate chairman further said that“US policy on Jerusalem has created unrest across the globe and it will give rise to a new Intifada.”

He underscored the need for a proactive approach to overcoming crisis being faced by Muslims.

“The Organization of Islamic Conference has to play a more vibrant role in protecting the Muslims against oppression”, he remarked.

Rabbani said the new nexus between US, Israel and India would jeopardize regional and global peace.

The meetings also focused on enhanced parliamentary cooperation and trade linkages for benefit of the masses.