Over 9,000 Christian workers not paid for Christmas despite SHC orders: report | Pakistan Today

Over 9,000 Christian workers not paid for Christmas despite SHC orders: report

KARACHI: More than 9,500 Christian workers of the civic agencies did not receive their salaries before their annual Christmas festival.

Therefore in protest the workers have announced that they would celebrate Christmas on the road along the Karachi Press Club.

The workers are associated with the district municipal corporations (7,000 workers) and the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (2,500 workers) and have not been paid due to the ineffectiveness of the Sindh government bureaucrats, who did not release the funds in time.

This is not the first time that the civic workers have not received the advance salary in time to celebrate their religious festival properly. Earlier, Muslim as well as Hindu workers were also not paid in time and could not celebrate their respective religious festivals — Eidul Azha and Diwali.

The Sindh High Court passed an order on December 19 for the Christian workers to be paid by December 20, 2017 so that they could celebrate Christmas, but the Sindh government bureaucracy did not follow the court order.

KWSB’s United Workers Union leaders Joseph Sanam, Punhal Magsi, Akram Khan and others, condemning the water board management for nonpayment of salaries to the over 2,500 Christian workers, also announced that the workers, along with their families, would celebrate Christmas and perform their religious rites on the road near the Press Club on Monday.

They also criticised the management for its discriminatory attitude towards minority community workers, overwhelming majority of whom were low-grade employees working as health workers and kundi men.

They also urged the Sindh High Court chief justice to take suo motu notice of this “criminal act” of the KWSB management.

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