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Christians mark Christmas with due religious fervour

KARACHI: The Christian community in the metropolis on Monday celebrated Christmas with due religious fervour and enthusiasm.

Special services were held in the main churches in the city on Monday morning. The Christmas messages were disseminated at these services. Special prayers were also offered for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan.

The churches as well as the homes of the Christian community have been decorated and Christmas trees have also been installed. Special feasts as well as family get-together have also been arranged for the Christmas day.

In Hyderabad, the Christian community also celebrated Christmas with the religious fervour and festivity by attending events in the churches and holding parties at their residences. The Christmas celebrations began with midnight mass late on Saturday night in all the churches of Hyderabad.

The main midnight Mass occasions were held at the St Thomas Church Civil Line and St Philip Church Tilak Incline where a large number of people attended. Addressing the mass, the bishop highlighted importance of the day and advised the community members to follow the message of Christmas to enlighten the world.

During the mass, prayers for peace, development, and prosperity of Pakistan were also offered. The prayers were followed by distribution of sweets and cutting of cakes. The Christian community also attended the special services on Sunday and visited their relatives and friends to exchange Christmas greetings.

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