War on terror has been imposed on Pakistan: Aizaz Chaudhry


WASHINGTON: Ambassador to US Aizaz Chaudhry has said both Pakistan and US will have to fight against terrorism together.

He said this while addressing the ceremony held here in Pakistan embassy in memory of Army Public School Peshawar martyrs.

He said terrorists’ shelters have been eliminated from Pakistan, and now the US should focus on the security of Afghanistan—because disorder in Kabul is causing harm to Islamabad.

“The job Pakistan has done against terrorism is unparalleled,” he observed.

He went on to say that better relations between Pakistan and US are a must. “But it is our desire that both countries should have the same thinking. Pakistan has always done positive work for peace in the region,” he added.

He remarked in a region where terrorism is raging, Pakistan has not only pushed back terrorism therein, but also the terrorists are on the run.

Much work has yet to be done on the security of Afghanistan, he said, adding Pakistan is suffering directly due to unrest in the neighbouring country.

“The US should support Pakistan to defeat terrorism,” he stressed.

He stated that war against terrorism will not come to end unless terror mindset is changed.

He held that 13 major military operations were conducted against terrorists in Pakistan, adding that the country had lost 21,000 Pakistanis, including 6,800 soldiers, in the war against terrorism.

Not acknowledging Pakistan’s sacrifices is worrisome, he said, adding “war against terrorism is not our war but it was imposed on us, which later became Pakistan’s war.”


  1. According to the rules we should block the NATO supply & deport Afghan refugees because rather than appreciating us they provide shelter to Anti Pakistan terrorist and blame us for sheltering terrorists. Shoot down the US drone !

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