Three in five Pakistanis cite lack of education as most prevalent cause of women harassment: poll


ISLAMABAD: According to a survey carried out by, Gallup and Gilani Research Foundation, three in five Pakistanis cite lack of education and religious awareness as the most prevalent causes of women harassment.

In the survey, a nationally representative sample of 1,708 men and women from rural and urban areas was asked, “Why does harassment happen to women?”

According to the results, 62 percent men believe that harassment of women is primarily linked to the display of indecent behaviour by women.

On the other hand, 58 percent women said that women do not act inappropriately while 44 percent women cited immodest dressing among women as a factor that provokes indecent behaviour among men.

Moreover, 33 percent participants chose crowded public transports as a cause of harassment, 25 percent said poor lighting in the streets leads to harassment, 22 percent cited lack of security personnel/CCTV cameras as a relevant cause and 26 percent said that lack of implementation of laws against harassment encourages such behaviour.

Furthermore, 22 percent of the participants further cited lack of cooperation from police, and 18 percent cited lack of punishment for the perpetrators as relevant causes.