Skincare tips for winter brides


Winter weddings are in full swing, and though brides begin their wedding preparations months in advance, quite often they forget to take care of themselves amidst all the chaos. However, these following rules can be easily incorporated into their routines. It is essential to take care of the skin because good skin will ensure you shine on your day:


Winter weather is a nightmare for the skin. Cold weather and low humidity levels result in dry air, which leave the skin dry and lifeless. Hence, it is essential to use a good moisturiser which is suitable for your skin type. Additionally, homemade hydrating masks can provide moisture in the winter months.

Adding natural moisturising ingredients like honey, avocado, yogurt, olive and jojoba oil, almond oil, bananas, and aloe to the mask will help experience smooth and soft skin. Make sure you remove all your make-up before going to bed and apply a hydrating cream as it helps the skin breathe and gives much-needed nourishment. During winter, our skin tends to dry faster and requires regular exfoliation.

Stay hydrated and eat healthy

For a healthy and dewy glow, it is essential to drink plenty of water as it hydrates the body and flushes away toxins. Eating foods with essential nutrients such as green vegetables and citrus fruits is also crucial for healthy skin.

Exfoliate lips 

During winter, the lips tend to become chapped and dry. To get rid of dry skin, lightly exfoliate by rubbing your fingers on wet lips in a circular motion. After you exfoliate, use a lip balm or a healing cream as this will make your lips smooth and get the blood flowing to make your lips look fuller.


Sleep is one of the best rewards you can give your skin. During sleep, the body repairs each of its systems, including the skin. Deep breathing and meditation is also very important as watching your breath flow in and out helps you become aware of your skin and rejuvenates it.