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Pakistan-China-Afghanistan trilateral talks to promote Pak-Afghan relations

BEIJING: Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying has said that Afghanistan-China-Pakistan trilateral foreign ministers’ talks would build consensus, enhance mutual trust and promote the improvement of Afghanistan-Pakistan relations.

The first round of the trilateral talks will be held in Beijing on Tuesday, December 26, according to a foreign media agency. 

Foreign Minister of Pakistan Khawaja Asif, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Acting Afghan Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani will attend the meeting, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has said.

“As a common neighbour and friend of Afghanistan and Pakistan, China always supports Afghanistan and Pakistan to live in friendship and achieve common development,” said the Chunying.

She said that during the Chinese foreign minister’s visit to Afghanistan and Pakistan in June, the three countries agreed to establish the China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Foreign Ministers’ trilateral dialogue mechanism, which will serve as a platform to enhance talks and cooperation among the three states.

Hua said the three countries will have in-depth discussions on three topics: mutual political trust and reconciliation, development cooperation and connectivity, and security cooperation and counter-terrorism.

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  1. FreeBaluchistan said:

    Seeing that Chinese intentions over Afghanistan slipping away, unwanted Pakistani and Chinese are p0king their heads

  2. Adi said:

    If Pakistan is serious about Afghanistan it should talk to India and USA… countries Afghans trust and countries that call the shots in Afghanistan

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