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NAB identifies 890 govt workers for altering data

  • Investigation officers discover record tampering cases after scanning different departments

ISLAMABAD: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has identified 890 government employees in Balochistan who were suspected of altering the official data to change the record of their ages in order to delay retirement, a private TV channel reported.

The cases emerged during an inquiry launched by NAB against the workers who allegedly got their ages changed in the official record to continue receiving perks and privileges despite being overage, the channel quoted an unidentified official of the bureau as saying.

The employees ranging from grade one (the lowest in the service structure) to grade 21 were found involved in tampering with the record. The employees inflicted a loss worth billions of rupees to the national exchequer. Among the 890 cases, nearly 100 belong to officers of the grades 17 to 21 of various provincial departments.

The illegality was traced in education, health services, general administration, police and other departments. The NAB officials said that they had discovered the record tampering cases after thoroughly scanning the record of the past seven years of almost all the provincial departments.

The employees allegedly managed to alter the record with the support and involvement of some officials of the Accountant General office of Balochistan. The channel reported that arrests in the cases were expected within the next few days.

On Friday, a meeting held under NAB Director General Irfan Mangi decided to thoroughly investigate the scam and bring the responsible persons to book.

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