Families of 3 tortured young men yearn for justice


KARACHI: The families of the 3 young men, who were brutally tortured by the Deputy Superintendent Police (DSP), Yaqoob Jutt, are now demanding justice after a new video footage was released.

Earlier on Thursday, three young men were taken into custody and beaten by the police over an alleged harassment of daughters of a police officer. However, a report sent to the Inspector-General (IG) Karachi clearly contradicted the claims made by the police.

The report said that the young men had quarrelled with the son of DSP’s friend rather than an incident of harassment. This has put the claims of police in a serious doubt.

Where the report suggests that the DSP had used police force for a vindictive action against these men, the families are yearning for an action to be taken against the culprits.