Uganda is safe to play cricket, says foreign cricketer Saeed Ajmal


KAMPALA – Urging other international stars to come play in the country international Pakistani star Saeed Ajmal confirmed on Thursday that his fellow foreign Pakistani cricketers are ‘safe and happy’ in Uganda.

Talking exclusively to The Dependent, international star Saeed Ajmal, part of a foreign Pakistani contingent in the East African nation to play a Twenty20 league, said that the International Cricket Council (ICC) should play its part in supporting international cricket in Uganda.

“Just because the league was cancelled just a few matches into the tournament over a financial disagreement, and that for a while we weren’t quite sure where to go and who to approach, and that it had become a little uncertain and many started fearing for their security, doesn’t mean that international cricketers like us shouldn’t tour Uganda,” Ajmal said.

The international Pakistani stars were promised half their pay in advance of the tournament. But as the promise was not upheld even after several matches had taken place, they refused to play any further, following which, the sponsors pulled out of the tournament, leading to the event’s cancellation.

Despite the confusion and the cancellation of the tournament itself Ajmal maintained that Uganda Cricket Association is well equipped to hosting flawless international cricket tournaments.

“I don’t think there is any landlocked East African countries lying within the Nile Basin that is better equipped,” he said.