Pakistan hatching conspiracy with Rohingya ‘terror groups’, alleges Bangladesh minister


DHAKA: Bangladesh Minister Obaidul Quader has accused Pakistan of hatching a conspiracy with Rohingya ‘terror groups’ and criticised it for supporting the war criminals of his country’s Liberation War, reported Hindustan Times.

Pakistan did not leave any opportunity to “pin-prick” Bangladesh and Pakistani ministers spoke against the Bangladeshi government whenever there was an attempt to punish the 1971 Liberation War criminals, he claimed.

“They (Pakistan) cannot tolerate anything good happening in our country. They are also hatching a conspiracy with the Rohingya terror elements,” the Bangladesh transport minister told reporters here.

Quizzed about Pakistan’s “conspiracy” with Rohingya terror elements, he said, “We have reports that Pakistan’s ISI is hatching a conspiracy with the terror groups among the Rohingya people.”

Bangladesh, which had to deal with a huge influx of Rohingya migrants this year, following a crackdown by the army of Myanmar in the northern Rakhine province of that country, has called on the international community to intervene and put pressure on Myanmar to address the exodus.

Over 6,55,000 Rohingya people fled to Bangladesh since the crackdown began in August.


  1. Pakistan should stop exporting terror in the neighborhood. Else she will remain isolated. All neighbors are accusing Pakistan of exporting terror. All of them cannot be wrong. Even Iran is saying the same.

  2. I can’t understand why Pakistan even recognises the state of Bangladesh ! State of Bangladesh is a Terrorist state which killed thousands of West Pakistanis & East Pakistanis ! End the diplomatic ties !

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