FBR notifies folk singer Arif Lohar to submit income details | Pakistan Today

FBR notifies folk singer Arif Lohar to submit income details

The Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) Wednesday sent a notice to renowned folk singer Arif Lahore regarding the artist’s income details.

Sources inside FBR said that the bureau had some reservations regarding the income statements of the singer, due to which he was requested by the FBR to submit his income details from the last three years.

Sources said that the renowned singer had been given 15 days to submit his income details, while adding that action would be taken against him after the lapse of the given time.

FBR had prepared a list of artists from Lahore and Karachi whose income statements were considered incomplete or unclear. So far, the bureau had decided to keep the names of other artists confidential.

The list was prepared on the pretext that the artists were spending more money and paying less taxes to the government.

A few months back, FBR officials had sealed the houses of two actresses, namely Noor and Saba Qamar, after they were found involved in tax evasion. According to FBR reports, Noor had failed to submit tax worth Rs 1.5 million and Saba Qamar defaulted on Rs 3.4 million.

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