Rani Mukerji to make her movie comeback as a teacher


Rani Mukerji was last seen three years ago, on the big screen in Mardani in 2014 where she played a tough cop fighting for the rights of an orphan girl. Channeling a role similar to that, she will be seen next in Hichki, which follows a school teacher with Tourette syndrome.

The trailer of the film was released on Tuesday and shows Rani’s struggles to get her low-income students the same treatment as their more privileged peers at an elite school in Mumbai. However, the trailer gives out positive vibes of hope and survival.

Directed by Siddharth P Malhotra, Hichki is about a woman with Tourette Syndrome, who wants to be a teacher. Tourette Syndrome is a neuropsychiatric disorder that causes involuntary movements and sounds. In Naina’s case, it is a tic that forces her to make an involuntary noise. However, this will not stop her from fighting against the school administration as they refuse to hire her. When they agree, she is asked to teach a class comprising economically underprivileged children, whom the school was forced to enroll as part of the RTI Act.

Though she faces the typical student-teacher divide, more so because of her disorder, the crux of the trailer is that Rani’s character eventually fights for the rights; her own as well as those she is teaching.

Speaking about Hichki, Rani had earlier said, “I was looking for a script that would challenge and excite me, and Hichki came my way. Each of us has a weakness that pulls us back. It could be a disability or any condition but if we just look at it as simply a hiccup, we can emerge as a winner. It won’t come in the way of achieving our dreams. Hichki is built on this positive premise and I decided to take it up.”

What’s more is that Rani is also reported to be making her social media debut with this film. The actor will soon join Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and will keep her fans updated about Hichki as well as her life.

Hichki is slated to release on February 23, 2018.