IGP gives police personnel one month’s time to pull back bellies


ISLAMABAD: Addressing the police darbar at the Police Lines Headquarters here on Tuesday, newly posted IGP Sultan Azam Temuri warned the policemen with over 38 waist sizes to exercise and pull back their bellies or to be ready to face the music.

Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal, on the same occasion, said that the police have a role in promoting a civilized society.

While addressing them, he said that no country can develop until the police play its role, adding that the government was striving to introduce reforms in the police department. He lamented that the police were never given a free hand to work and serve the masses.

The IGP said that the citizens of Islamabad would see the difference in police behavior and typical policing as he has planned workshops for training inspectors, station house officers (SHO’s) and investigation officers to strengthen their skills and to introduce them to the effective use of the latest technology in investigations as the capital’s police had been adopting decades-old methods to investigate heinous crimes.

He vowed that he would introduce intelligent policing and implement his five-point agenda which includes making the police service-oriented, people-friendly, and professional.

Mr Temuri also said that protection of life and property is the motto of the force. He vowed to lift Islamabad police to international standards. He hoped that intelligence policing would set new precedents in combating crime.

He further apprised the policemen that he planned to start 5the leadership programme for the SHOs of Islamabad police very soon. He also vowed to improve the performance of traffic police to avoid traffic accidents and a grant of 30 casual leaves for the personnel each year.

The interior minister stressed that the media should highlight the positive aspects of the society instead of the glorification of terrorists. He stated that terrorism cannot be defeated until community policing is promoted. However, he said that community policing cannot succeed until the force enjoys the trust of the masses.

In the end, he instructed the police to help the poor segments of the society and expressed his concerns over organized gangs that have been found involved in street crime and added that the city would be made safe through the safe city project.