Christian community demand full security measures on Christmas


HYDERABAD: The representatives and members of all Churches and Holy Places, led by Bishop Rafique Masih (Retd), have called for elaborate security measures on Christmas so that the community could perform their religious activities safely.

Addressing a news conference here at Hyderabad Press Club on Tuesday, they expressed their deep grief and shock over the loss of precious lives in recent Quetta tragedy and expressed sympathies with the family members of deceased and injured persons.

They highly praised the prompt response from the law enforcement agencies, adding that their timely action had saved the country, and particularly, the members of the Christian community from great loss of lives.

They demanded the government to complete the investigation at the earliest and bring the culprits to justice.

Besides Bishop Rafique Masih (Retd), Father Palous, Pastor Riasat Masih, Pastor Victor Dan, Mumtaz Bashir Bhatti, Javed Sadiq and Minshada Safar were also present on the occasion.