Passport office delays salaries of most employees


ISLAMABAD: Most contractual employees of the passport office hired for the machine-readable passport (MRP) project phase II, have not been paid salaries of around six months, according to a report by a local media outlet.

The report further states that only a handful employees have received their salaries, out of a total of around 632 employees. During a recent visit to the passport office, the Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal was allegedly misled into believing that the affairs of the passport office were running smoothly, when it was nowhere close to the real picture, according to the report.

The newspaper also states that the financial situation of the passport office is so grave that it requested the finance ministry for a supplementary grant at the beginning of the new financial year 2017-2018.

DG Passport Office Usman Bajwa, due to his ongoing training at the National Defence University in Islamabad, is rarely available at the office, which could be a hurdle in the smooth running of affairs of the department, the report suggests.