Pakistan, US are ‘bedfellows’, claims Hamid Karzai

  • Says US talks of Pakistan as an ally and is protective of that country

The United States and Pakistan are “bedfellows”, and India must reconsider its support to US President Donald Trump’s South Asia policy, former Afghan president Hamid Karzai said, during a visit to New Delhi over the weekend, The Hindu reported.

Karzai, who met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit, told the newspaper in an interview that the US had failed to act against havens for terrorists in Pakistan.

Trump unveiled his policy in August. In a televised address, he said American troops will continue to fight in Afghanistan, and pulled up Pakistan for giving safe havens to terrorists. He said the US wanted India to contribute to the stability of Afghanistan.

“India has the right to ask the US questions on [continuing support to Pakistan], and it must think and rethink its policy in view of changes and developments in Afghanistan,” Karzai said in the interview.

He said the US talks of Pakistan as an ally and is protective of that country.

During his meeting with Modi, Karzai said he discussed “the war against terrorism and extremism”, but added that his visit was not a message that India’s policy had changed.

“I go around the world and meet leaders,” Karzai said. “I was with President Rouhani in Tehran and was received by President Putin in Russia, and by the Chinese leadership. India is, of course, more hospitable given my old connection here,” he said.

After the meeting, Modi tweeted: “Delighted to meet my friend in New Delhi.”


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