DHA authorities putting lives and livelihood of public at risk in Z-block


LAHORE: Keeping unsafe gas-cylinders on the rooftops of famous hotels and restaurants has put thousands of lives in danger. However, the DHA authorities have seemed to have turned a blind eye towards the issue.

Considered to be one of the safest housing schemes in the country, Defense Housing Authority (DHA) faces a serious threat that can affect human lives.

Sources have revealed that poorly made gas-cylinders, large drums full of fuel and naked electric wires carrying heavy current; can all be found on the rooftop of English Tea House that is situated in DHA’s Z-block commercial area.

This poses an imminent threat to the buildings around it including offices, banks and shopping centres, as well as, the people working in these places. It is reported that a similar situation is present in other areas of the society as well.

The business community of the DHA’s Z-block commercial area has collectively asked the authorities and senior officials to take an immediate notice of the situation.

They further pressed for strict legal action to be taken against the culprits and all unsafe gas-cylinders and fuel drums to be removed from the premises of these buildings immediately.

It is pertinent to mention here that ten people were killed and 20 were injured when a gas cylinder exploded on February 23 this year, in the same area in a local restaurant.