Pakistani delegation hold talks with Afghan MPs


KABUL: A Pakistani delegation met the other day Wolesi Jirga Speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi to discuss Islamabad-Kabul ties and stability in Afghanistan.

Pakistani parliamentarians said that Pakistan helped Afghans during the jihad against the then USSR, adding both countries need to do more in the fight against corruption.

The delegation stressed the need for strengthened ties between Islamabad and Kabul.

“Problems and challenges have to be led by our people, and we strongly believe that for a stable Pakistan, for a prosperous Pakistan, we need to see a stable and prosperous Afghanistan. This is the concern of people at home,” said Shazia Mary, member of Pakistan’s parliament and former minister of information and culture of Pakistan.

The Wolesi Jirga speaker said Afghanistan is a victim of terrorism in the region, criticising Pakistan for the lack of sincere cooperation in anti-terror efforts, reported Tolo news.

“The required cooperation which was provided by the Pakistan nation and Pakistan government to Afghanistan during jihad, was not provided after the victory of mujahedeen,” Ibrahimi said.

One member of the Pakistani delegation reacted to Ibrahimi’s remarks, and said: “No country suffered like Pakistan. We used to have more than 2,500 bombings in Pakistan and we have launched the biggest operation against terrorism and extremism in Pakistan which is like no other country. We are getting out of it and our relations on that front are improving.”

This comes as Islamabad is to host a meeting among lawmakers from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, China and Russia to discuss the war on terror.

Ibrahimi was invited by the Pakistani delegation to attend the meeting next week in Islamabad.


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