National art exhibition to kick-off on Tuesday (Dec 19)


ISLAMABAD: The 9th two-month long national exhibition will be held at the Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) National Art Gallery from December 19.

Prior to this major event, PNCA had organised a series of regional exhibitions representing all provinces and the cultural heritage of the land. The recurring theme of culture connects the work of artists from different regions, as it becomes a point of intersection for people itself.

An official of PNCA, while speaking to reporters, said that the exhibitions represented the land, life, people and the cultural diversity of Pakistan, adding that the work for national exhibition was selected by competent committees from all regional exhibitions.

The exhibition included works of almost 500 artists from all over Pakistan. Artists have used broad spectrum of formats and techniques, including painting, sculpture, calligraphy, photography, miniature installations and videos. Contemporary art from Pakistan had lately witnessed a few very significant international breakthroughs that had put Pakistani art in a respectable and sought-after slot internationally.