As temp takes a dip, so does the gas pressure


LAHORE: Soon after the advent of winter, complaints of low gas pressure in various parts of the city are increasing excessively.

Government authorities failed to keep their word by assuring sufficient supply of gas. Gas pressure drops in the morning as well as in evening causing great trouble to residents, especially school and office going residents.

“My children have been going to school without breakfast in the morning due to low gas pressure and my husband has to purchase lunch from the market because gas is unavailable during morning hours,” Farida a housewife from Samnabad area lamented.

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbassi at the beginning of the winter season had stated that gas load shedding would not happen anywhere in the country.

According to Raza, resident of Ferozepur area, gas load shedding has also become a menace in the locality.

“Even though PM Abbassi had hinted to the contrary, gas load shedding is a major problem in our area and even when it is available the pressure is very low and we can neither cook nor use heating appliances”, the disgruntled local claimed.

In the absence of natural gas and due to low pressure, residents resort to using Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders which are not only expensive but also require high maintenance.

According to one such LPG cylinder user, Ahmad, “Using LPG in absence of gas is a nuisance, they are expensive and run out after a few days. Refilling and the hiked prices are also a hassle while using these cylinders.”

For people who do cannot afford the cylinders, wood burning remains the only option for cooking and heating purposes.Long queues outside Taals, facilities that provide chopped wood, have resulted in a cumbersome process for the already exasperated consumers and an inflated price of wood increases their misery.

“I cannot afford LPG cylinder, my locality has been facing gas load shedding and low pressure since the start of winters and now even the price of wood has gone up,” lamented one daily wager who wished to remain anonymous.

Raj Garh, Samnabad, Chuburgi, Faisal Town amongst other areas are affected by the low gas pressure that causes a delay in daily routine activities.

In some localities, people have installed used compressors on gas pipelines to increase pressure, which was not only illegal but could also cause fatal accidents. Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) in order to curb low gas pressure, has announced crackdown against illegal use of gas compressors.