T10 already too long for man who has never liked cricket to begin with


MANDI BAHAUDDIN – Joining millions of his compatriots and billions around the world, local sports enthusiast Malik Bashir, 48, a small business owner in Mandi Bahauddin on Thursday felt that T10 cricket too was too long just like all other forms of cricket.

“Is it just me or reducing cricket to 10 overs a side won’t do much for the billions of us who just don’t like cricket?” asked Bashir while talking to The Dependent before the first official ball in the ongoing T10 League in Sharjah was bowled.

“Perhaps it’s a case of the very act of an athlete running up to throw in a ball to another athlete who strikes it resulting in varying outcomes none of which quite attract me,” added Bashir, who regularly follows tennis and football, and has even developed a taste for basketball following the rise of Golden State Warriors.

Bashir further added that cricket organisers could later give a five over contest a chance as well, but maintained that the result might be the same.

“You might go from five days to five overs, but some things just don’t click,” he added.