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Pakistani celebs support #ChangeTheClap campaign for transgenders

The transgender community, especially in Pakistan, has long suffered at the hands of society; they have often been insulted and mocked.

Launched by the Asia Pacific Transgender Network, the new campaign #ChangeTheClap aims to change the way transgenders are viewed and turn “the ridicule into applause.”

Kami Sid, Pakistan’s first transgender model joined hands with the network to support the #ChangeTheClap campaign that addresses the need to appreciate transgenders and stop the mockery, especially with the way they clap their hands.

The campaign also intends to raise awareness about the hurdles faced by transgenders and try to lift them economically. The campaign has requested people to post videos on Instagram and each video posted will contribute to creating equal opportunities and educational outreach for the transgender community.

Many Pakistani celebrities stood by this cause and posted videos of themselves to show their support.

Actor Osman Khalid Butt shared a video on Instagram which he captioned, “I grew up in a society where the very term ‘hijra‘was, and still is, used mockingly to question masculinity; where the transgender community was seen as freaks of nature: to be indulged for a quick, nasty laugh; paraded, perhaps at weddings for entertainment, but never respected… never seen as human. No. This cannot continue. It’s time we change ridicule into applause. It’s time we show the transgender community that they are not children of a lesser God. Change your mindset. #ChangeTheClap #SupportTransgenderRights”

Ayesha Omer wrote, “Change the way you deal with transgender people on a daily basis. Change the way you laugh or snigger at them on the roads. Change the way you think #ChangeTheClap”

Model Cybil Chowdery also took to Instagram and captioned the video, “No matter how different someone is, they deserve respect and equality. I applaud these strong individuals for their bravery and valour. #ChangeTheClap”

Pakistan’s favourite comedian Ahmed Ali Butt also shared his opinion and wrote, “A clap to seek forgiveness, appreciate and applaud the transgender community for simply being themselves. You have our full support #ChangeTheClap”

Musician Asim Azhar also posted a video on Instagram and wrote, “Majority of the trans people do not have access to education and jobs and are reduced to low-level work only to be publicly ridiculed. It is high time we turn ridicule to applause, it’s time to #ChangeTheClap.”

It is about time that transgenders are recognized in our society and given the respect they deserve.

Watch the video of the campaign here:

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