NA speaker says he warned of danger that he felt



ISLAMABAD: National Assembly Speaker Ayaz Sadiq, backing his own utterance in which he has apparently feared early dissolution of assemblies, said that he unveiled what danger he has felt regarding the persisting political situation.

“I had smelt the upcoming danger and it is my responsibility to unveil it before media,” he said while addressing a ceremony in Islamabad. He warned of the danger that was posing threat to the present system and everybody should make efforts to face it jointly.

On Wednesday talking to a private news channel, Sadiq said, “What’s happening now has never been witnessed before,” adding that everyone should give preference to national interests instead of focusing on personal benefits.

The NA speaker, however, dismissed any possibility of a martial law being imposed in the country, saying that the current situation was “worse than the Musharraf regime but there is no chance of martial law”.

He said that all political parties except one wanted the government to complete its five-year constitutional term for the continuity of the democratic system. “PPP is a mature political party and it has always wanted that the system should not be derailed,” the NA speaker said, adding that the present government should be allowed to complete its constitutional term.

Sadiq said that Pakistan was facing both internal as well as external challenges and there was a need to display unity to confront them.